Classic Alkene + Alkyne Exam Preparation Set (With Video Solutions)

As Captain Obvious once observed:  "the key to getting an A in organic chemistry is to get an A on all your exams."

OK. But how do you correctly answer all of the problems on your exam, Captain?

"Be prepared for the kinds of problems you'll typically encounter on the exam, and to know how to answer these kinds of questions", he continued. 

(growing in frustration) So how do you prepare for the kinds of problems you'll typically encounter on a midterm or exam?

"Just do a ton of problems!  (Captain Obvious walks away)  My work here is done!"

Introducing: Classic Alkene + Alkyne Exam Problems (With Solutions)

While you shouldn't be discouraged from doing a ton of problems... wouldn't it be nice if someone already went through a ton of exams, analyzed the patterns, and then came up with a list of "classic" problems (including "trick" questions) that tend to repeat themselves, over and over again, year after year?

It would be a good start, right?

Well, if you're preparing for an exam on:

  • addition reactions of alkenes
  • reactions of alkynes (including synthesis)

This pack has you covered. 

We spent countless hours going through hundreds of examples of midterm exams from universities all over the United States and Canada, and compiled a representative list of about 20 classic exam problems for alkenes, and 25 classic exam problems for alkynes. 

These are the most common types of problems you can expect to encounter on exams, including common "trick questions". 

These are excellent problems for you to work on your own, so that you can be prepared for your upcoming exam on alkenes and alkynes. 

Contains 40+ Video Solutions

Get stuck? We still recommend trying to work through it by yourself or with a study buddy, but if you get really stuck, we also recorded videos where we solved each problem in detail. Dozens and dozens of them. 

Also Contains Two Bonus "Refresher" Videos

But that's not all. Maybe you're missing some background material that makes solving the problems more difficult. 

We also recorded 1-hour bonus videos that provide an overview of each subject (Alkenes and Alkynes) and teach you the key principles you'll need to know in order to solve these problems. The videos are broken up into small, bite-sized chunks so you can get to exactly where you need help. 

What's Included

When you order the Classic Alkene + Alkyne Exam Problem Set Pack, here's what you get. 

Everything Alkenes

  • A PDF with 20 key exam problems of alkenes for you to work on. 
  • A separate PDF with the answer key, along with access to step-by-step video solutions for each problem, easily accessible via QR codes on the answer key
  • A 1-hour video (broken into smaller chunks) giving an overview of key concepts in alkenes, including the "Three Bucket Method" for categorizing reactions of alkenes. 

Everything Alkynes

  • A PDF with 25 key exam problems of alkynes, including synthesis
  • A separate PDF with the answer key and links to step-by-step video solutions accessible via links and QR codes. 
  • A separate 1 hour video with a detailed overview of the key reactions and concepts, including how to approach synthesis and roadmap problems. 

After ordering, you will be sent to a download page, where you can download the problem sets and answer keys. 

You will also be sent a membership code, which will allow you to access the site containing the video solutions and the 1-hour overview videos. 

Your Purchase Is Safe

Look. We know that studying for exams can be stressful. Our aim is that this study pack makes you completely prepared for an upcoming exam covering alkenes and alkynes. 

That said, if you purchase this package and don't find it helpful, let us know within 7 days from purchase, and we'll refund it. 

You'll Be Prepared For Your Upcoming Exam On Alkenes And Alkynes

If you go through these problem sets, you'll be prepared for whatever gets thrown your way on this subject. Reactions, "fill in the blanks", mechanisms, synthesis... it's all in here. 

After all, if you've worked through a "trick question" before, it's no longer a trick.