Classic Stereochemistry Exam Preparation Set (With Video Solutions)

Doing Problems Is "Boring"... But Effective

Organic chemistry advice is a lot like diet advice. 

  • Diet advice: "Exercise often, and eat healthy foods!"
  • Organic chemistry advice: "Just do lots of practice problems!".

Boring, right? There's no shortcut? Who wants to hear that?

Those who are willing to do well on their exams. That's who. #harshtruths

"The key is not the will to win... everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is important." - Bobby Knight

What Kind Of Practice Problems Are The Best?

But what's meant by, "do lots of practice problems"? Can we be a little bit more specific here?

Is it just a matter of doing all the problems in your textbook?

That's a good start! 

But here's the harsh truth: a lot of those types of problems probably won't end up on your midterm or exam. 

Why not? Because they're too straightforward.  They often just test concepts from ONE chapter. 

Organic chemistry midterms and exams are cumulative, combining concepts from multiple chapters. 

This is why students can go into exams thinking they "know the material" only to fall short because they didn't learn how to solve problems that combine multiple concepts. 

Previous Years' Exams Are The Best! But ... 

How about:

- going through previous years' midterms for your course?

Yes! This is going to be the most relevant set of practice problems to work on to prepare you for your exam. By all means, do this. 

But... you usually only have so many previous exams at your disposal. And your instructor is probably going to want to mix things up a bit and include problems you've never seen before. 

Why Not Just Analyze Dozens Of Exams And See Which Problem Types Occur The Most

So what else could you do? 

Well, maybe you could  go through a whole bunch of exams and midterms from schools all across the country and hand-pick the types of problems that tend to come up the most. Then work on those problems! 

Sounds like a big time investment. 

There's good news, though. We've done that!

Introducing... Classic Stereochemistry Exam Preparation Set ( With Video Solutions)

We went through our huge library of old exams and created our own version of the most "classic" stereochemistry midterm and exam problems. 

Then we made a whole bunch of videos where we show how to solve these problems in detail, including a few of the common "trick questions" that come up in exams. 

Now we're making these problems + solutions available to you. 

Not Feeling Prepared? We'll Fill In The Background

Have some gaps in your knowledge, and don't feel ready to do the set? It's OK. We also recorded over 1 hour's worth of videos that help get you up to speed on topics like:

  • Enantiomers vs. Diastereomers
  • Chiral centers (and how to find them)
  • Determining R/S (Cahn-Ingold-Prelog Rules)
  • Optical Activity and Enantiomeric Excess

and more, like how to answer the most common type of problem: "Enantiomers, Diastereomers, Or The Same?". 

Also Includes Advanced Material

Maybe you feel that you're in a tougher class and you need some more advanced material. 

No problem. We made an advanced preparation set too, covering topics like axial chirality, inversion centers, non-carbon chiral centers, and resolution of enantiomers. 

This also comes with its own set of videos (total length 53 minutes) that go through each of these concepts in detail. 

What's Included

  • Beginner/Intermediate Preparation Set PDF (24 questions) with answer key (PDF) 
  • Video answers to the Beginner/Intermediate Set (24 videos)
  • 1-hour video presentation on introductory stereochemistry topics, broken up into ~ 10-minute chunks
  • Advanced Preparation Set PDF (22 questions) with answer key (PDF)
  • 53 minute video presentation on advanced stereochemistry topics, broken up into smaller videos. 

How It Works

After ordering, you will be sent to a download page, where you can download the problem sets and answer keys. 

You will also be sent a membership code, which will allow you to access the site containing the 40+ video solutions and the 1-hour overview videos. 

Your Purchase Is Safe

Look. We know that studying for exams can be stressful. Our aim is that this study pack makes you completely prepared for an upcoming exam covering stereochemistry. 

That said, if you purchase this package and don't find it helpful, let us know within 7 days from purchase, and we'll refund it. 

You'll Be Prepared For Your Upcoming Exam On Stereochemistry

If you go through these problem sets, you'll be prepared for whatever gets thrown your way on this subject. Enantiomers, diastereomers, or the same? Determining R/S? Optical resolution? All covered. 

Is it a lot of work? Probably. But you wouldn't want it to be too easy, now would you?  

Just remember this. If you've worked through a "trick question" before, it's no longer a trick.