Org-I Summary Sheets

Org-I Summary Sheets

Prep Fast for Your OChem Exam and
Boost Your Grade using
Cheat Sheets of What Gets Tested


Focus your study with notes organized by an MIT-trained Ph.D OChem tutor who
learned to teach struggling students by analyzing hundreds of different tests.


Analyze 100's of exams from across North America --over many years-- and its obvious the same types of questions are repeated across Introductory Organic Chemistry tests.

And while tutoring struggling students through those questions to high grades, I recognized how common knowledge gaps are repeated across students and cause low marks.


Why OChem is Tough

If you don't know the relationships that connect concepts of the structure supporting organic chemistry, you're overwhelmed.

Lectures and textbooks are too focused on the topics of organic chemistry. Separately, without knitting concepts together.

  • Lectures brush past explanations of the big picture overview and the tricks in OChemistry.

  • Textbooks don't summarize important information well or fully. They force you to waste time flipping through pages.

  • Class notes are incomplete, unorganized or too scattered to focus studying. (Because they came from lectures.)


Understanding OChem Exams

Hi, my name is James Ashenhurst, author of Org I Summary Sheets. I have a Ph. D in organic chemistry and I've trained to teach struggling students.

I tutored to improve my teaching skills.

I wanted to learn how different students think about organic chemistry and what makes OChem challenging.

Using Skype I've tutored 1000's of hours and 100's of OChem students across the country to ace exams.

I got to know how students prepare for an exam and how exams are written.

I learned why many students struggle... and it surprised me.



Georgia Regents University

Your sheets talk to me. As though you know all my mistakes I commonly do and get stuck! So precise and personalized it is! You are a great blessing!

Boosting Your OChem Grade

By reviewing emailed images of exams, I understood:

  • Certain types of questions get repeated on tests (even tests from different colleges).

  • Textbooks are not laid out properly to help students prepare for OChem exams.

  • The teaching system contributes to confusing the clear patterns that organize organic chemistry.

I got smart to the idea: You struggle with OChem exams because you are not aware of OChem's system of organizing patterns.


If you knew what patterns to study for the types of questions that repeat on tests, you would easily spike your test scores.

Realizing that awareness of the patterns of OChem is key to you boosting your grade, I developed Org I Summary Sheets.


Virginia Commonwealth University

I was able to score a 54/70 on a final exam where the class average was 20/70.

SUNY Old Westbury

My class average was a C and I got an A-! I even got the best grade in the class for one test :).

Missing Patterns of OChem

I stuffed Org I Summary Sheets with what I knew were repeated on exams and what you need to understand to succeed.

Consider Org I Summary Sheets "insider information". The information that guides you to what to study. The sheets are crammed with patterns that simplify the overwhelm.

My summary sheets highlight the priority and structure of the topics worth studying. (The stuff that didn't get tested on the 100's of exams I reviewed, I left off.)

Initially, the sheets were only for me to remember helpful concepts during tutoring sessions. But I started passing them out as a guide for students needing focused study, when I was not available to tutor.


St. Norbert College

It has been more helpful than I could have imagined! It lays out all I need to know in a format that is great for comparing reactions and understanding mechanisms but is brief enough that it is studyable (yes that is a made up word). Instead of reading through an entire textbook, I can learn all I need to from these outlines and I don't feel overwhelmed..

Better Study Notes = Better Grades

Soon after, I started to get calls and emails of thanks from students whose grades jumped. Thanking me for my sheets that saved exam prep time and spiked their grade by "simplifying overwhelm".

Quickly, I realized that OChem Sheets can help more students get higher grades than me doing single session tutoring.

Because my sheets augment and support your learning just like I would as your tutor.

There are particular errors that you think when you're lacking certain pieces of information. (Like what's missing from most textbooks.) I have tutored enough to know most of what causes confused thinking in OChem.

The proven effectiveness of OChem Sheets means that you can prepare quickly for your upcoming OChem exam by leveraging my years of tutoring experience.


Agnes Scott College

"Before I bought the summary sheets, I was a little worried they wouldn't be thorough enough. But after using them to prepare for my third exam, my grade jumped from a 76 on the previous exam to 103! Thanks!" - Lakshmi G.

Your OChem Cheat Sheet Advantage

Org I Summary Sheets focus on the fundamental topics of OChem exams from across the country that repeatedly get tested. The sheets are arranged into patterns of themes, trends and tricks to help you simplify "OChem overwhelm".

The sheets highlight what is vital for you to understand and why. They insert understanding into the relationships between concepts separated by chapters in a textbook or weeks of lecture notes.

Topics covered by Org I Summary Sheets include all of the fundamentals of Introductory Organic Chemistry:

Acids and Bases
And Esters
Alkane Nomenclature
Alkene Reaction Patterns
Alkene Reaction Patterns
Alkene Reactions
Alkene Reactions
Formal Charge
Formal Charge
Functional Groups
Functional Groups2
Groups 2
Org I Reaction
Reactions of
Structure and Bonding
Structure and
Substitution and Elimination
Substitution and
Substitution and Elimination 2
Substitution and
Elimination 2


Kristy F.

"My organic chemistry final is in 13 days and due to misfortune I am very far behind and I was attempting to make something like this on my own but thanks to you I don't have to!!! THANK YOU for making these! Totally worth the money. They look AMAZING and everything we covered in class is there!!! "


All key details for each topic are highlighted in clearly drawn notes --with color coding.

Org I Summary Sheets
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Get "Big Picture" and Details

Org I Summary Sheets are easy to understand so you can spend your valuable study time getting ready for your exam. No need to waste time searching pages of your notes or textbook.

These sheets include overviews and detail. Enough detail for you to categorize what is in your textbook (but scattered over dozens of pages). Or what is in your head already (but missing the map that relates concepts).

Get a head start studying with comprehensive notes that fit one topic to a page. Print out Org I Summary Sheets and mark them up.

Don't spend your valuable study time developing notes that cover too many pages for big picture. And too much information with unnecessary detail.



McMaster University

Concepts better understood...visual representation instead of all chopped up in a textbook.


California Polytechnic State University

A nice summary. After lecture I go over the sheets and try to make sense of things a little better.


And Most Important...

Org I Summary Sheets present a simple logic for solving exam problems. The logic I discovered tutoring 100's of students and that helped to clarify thinking to get better grades.

When you study using Org I Summary Sheets you will gain powerful ways to think (as well as what to think) about an exam problem.

Students with very similar OChem backgrounds tend to share similar perspectives and exam errors. From my experience tutoring, I developed Org I Summary Sheets to fill gaps in your background to raise your perspective.

Org I Summary Sheets are color coded and highlight:

  • Themes
  • Trends
  • Exceptions
  • Related topics
  • Tricks to watch for
  • Important background understandings
  • And more

Knowing this insider information will build your confidence for your next grading.



University of North Carolina

"I made an A in the course! I didn't think it was possible! I went to pick up my homework from my professor's office one day, and he had it in a separate stack from everyone else's because, "No one makes a 100 on my homework. Ever. When you did, I had to regrade it to make sure." Sure enough, it was right. I couldn't have done it without your help. Thank you, thank you!"


Claim your Cheat Sheets and be studying in minutes with notes that simplify the overwhelm.

Org I Summary Sheets
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Multiple Valuable Uses

Use your Org I Summary Sheets:

  • To prepare for a lecture
  • During class to follow along with a topic
  • As help with assignment problems
  • For reference during lab procedures
  • As study guides after lectures
  • For effective preparation for exams

Use Org I Summary Sheets throughout the year as your comprehensive guide to a better grade. And particularly at exam time to focus your study.

These sheets structure what you need to know onto single pages.



University of West Florida

"I tend to want to see the big picture before I delve into the nitty gritty, so it helps me in that regard. It helps me as a quick reference when I am doing homework. It helps me to review the whole big picture sheet the night before a test and about an hour before a test so it solidifies in my mind."


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Your PDF download of Org I Summary Sheets should arrive within about ten minutes of your order.

Print out the PDF download or open it on your laptop or tablet. Read the file using any popular PDF reader.



Gaurantee SealYour "No Risk" Order

Order your Org I Summary Sheets. If you feel they won't help you obtain a higher grade - simply email me within 7 days and I will grant you a full refund. No questions asked.


Claim Your Org I Summary Sheets

  • Study hidden OChem concepts and patterns
  • Have comprehensive notes as your guide
  • Learn how to think about exam problems
  • Study what has been proven to be tested
  • Save time getting better grades

Use throughout your course to prepare for your higher grade.

Org I Summary Sheets
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James Ashenhurst, Ph. D

PS: I regularly review the latest exams to make sure your Org I Summary Sheets save you time studying and preparing for your exams.


Alexander Alvarez

"I failed the first three exams of my Organic course miserably (avg. = 57), having studied the Klein Organic textbook like it held the secrets of life.

After spending about 3 days with your material I took my final exam, which is ACS standardized, and made a 91. I was able to salvage a C and the class and finally achieve the A I was so desperately working towards.

Thank you for saving my entire summer, and quite possibly my academic career.

I do not understand why all professors would not recommend your study materials, as they cut out the countless hours of head scratching and seemingly impossible memorization.

Your material was foolishly a last resort for me and my concerned mother, but thankfully saved my grade, and most importantly my confidence in the subject.

I want to thank you for dedicating your time to the students professors overlook or assume are "not spending enough time" with the material.