About Us

Master Organic Chemistry [MOC] aims to provide the world's most useful resources for learning the basics of organic chemistry. It provides an invaluable supplement to textbook-based learning in three important ways. 

First of all, because textbooks are so large, it's often time-consuming to hunt down small bits of information and make summaries. That's why MOC offers condensed summary sheets on many commonly encountered subjects in organic chemistry, as well as providing comprehensive guides to the most important reagents and reactions in introductory organic chemistry. 

Secondly, even though textbooks are large, they often don't go into enough detail for many common problems that students struggle with. The Master Organic Chemistry blog has an organized library of over 350 articles on common student problems in organic chemistry, including how to avoid common mistakes, how to recognize important patterns, and even interviews with successful organic chemistry students who share their study secrets. 

Thirdly, MOC is written in a friendly, accessible style that is careful not to assume too much knowledge on the part of the reader.

Our guides and sheets are delivered digitally to you after purchase, so you can start studying right away. Every transaction is secure, and we never share your data with any third parties.

James AshenhurstMaster Organic Chemistry is an online resource for organic chemistry created by Dr. James Ashenhurst. James earned a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from McGill University and then did 2 years of postdoctoral work at MIT on various total synthesis projects. He has 17 published academic papers, including articles in Science, Journal of the American Chemical Society, and Organic Letters. 

After 10 years in the lab, James began tutoring organic chemistry undergraduates online through Skype in 2010. Several thousand hours of tutoring later, working with hundreds of students at dozens of universities, James saw that conventional textbooks were not addressing some of students’ most common problems. The guides available here - the result of thousands of hours of work - have been used and loved by students at hundreds of universities.