Organic Chemistry PDF Guides for Test Prep

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Org 1 Summary Sheets

These sheets provide a condensed summary of an entire Org 1 course, so you can access the key co...
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Org 2 Summary Sheets

Making your own notes is the best way to study organic chemistry.  If you're finding that organic...

Organic Chemistry Reagent Guide

Do you have a hard time keeping track of all the reagents in organic chemistry? Do you find it a ...

Reaction Maps

Summary of major reactions of each functional group that branches out in "web-like" fashion Cove...
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Spectroscopy Pack

Struggling with spectroscopy? Irritated by IR? Messed up by Mass Spec? Numbed by NMR? This PDF co...
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4-Product Bundle: Org 1 Summary Sheets + Org 2 Summary Sheets + Reagent Guide + Spectroscopy Pack

• Includes Org 1 Summary Sheets, Org 2 Summary Sheets, the Reagent Guide, and the Spectroscopy Pa...
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Reactions, Mechanisms and Exam Questions

Understand and remember 180+ reactions and mechanisms, access 1500+ real-world exam questions and...

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