Org 1 Summary Sheets Org 1 Summary Sheets Org 1 Summary Sheets Org 1 Summary Sheets Org 1 Summary Sheets Org 1 Summary Sheets Org 1 Summary Sheets Org 1 Summary Sheets

The 20-Page Summary Of Org 1 That Should Have Come With Your Textbook

It’s six weeks before the o-chem final.

Every week the professor is covering new material, and each week, he pauses at the end and says, “Makes sense? Everybody got it?”

Everybody in the room looks at him and glumly nods as they shuffle out of the room.

Resonance… Stereochemistry. … Substitution…Alkenes. It can get overwhelming.

And as you study, hour after hour after hour again, it’s easy to wonder if you’re the only one who doesn’t get it.

Hi I’m James Ashenhurst. I graduated from McGill University with a Ph.D. in organic chemistry and then worked two years doing organic chemistry at MIT.

Over the past four years as an online organic chemistry tutor, I’ve spent countless hours observing students struggling through organic chemistry, first at the basic levels and then with the more advanced material. I understand how overwhelming it can be when a professor is shotgunning new concepts at you every day. They’ve moved on five steps forward - while you’re still looking two steps back.

And the worst part? Everybody else in the room seems to get it. Everyone except you.

Your Organic Chemistry Course Isn't Just About Chemistry - It's About The Future

But there is one more challenging thing that almost nobody talks about. You see, we don’t just go to college just to try to get A’s. We’re not just here on our own. As John Donne said, “No man is an island”. We go through college thinking of our friends, and most of all, our family, who made sacrifices for us so that we could take the athletic lessons we learned as kids, to learn piano, to go to the best college we could go to. And so here we are, years after they sacrificed everything for us, it’s now our opportunity - our opportunity to do our best. To show everyone who knows us what we’re capable of.

In a way it all comes down to this. These tests in our o-chem course are not just about chemistry. It’s about the future - becoming a dentist, a doctor, or other esteemed professional. And of course about making our parents, our friends, our family - proud.

But back to the classroom. The professor is shotgunning concept after concept. Everyone asks, what are we supposed to do? The answer, of course, what all of us do, is to study more. “ I’ll just stay up later!” “ I’ll take a Red Bull!” “I’ll take a Monster energy drink! Whatever it takes, because I’m committed to acing this test - and if not acing, at least passing. "

But with every passing day, more and more people start to realize, “I’ve got a big problem. Because I can’t even learn what he taught us three weeks ago! And now we’ve moved on! And the impending doom of the final is coming up, and I don’t know what to do.”

I saw this happening again and again with students, but it mystified me. Over the years of studying organic chemistry, I could see how the course is built up from a small number of important concepts that repeat themselves in patterns, again and again. I asked myself, what is it that I see that they don’t?

I started asking my students and looking at their study notes, and I realized - we do things in a completely different way.

What I noticed is that typical o-chem students try to absorb everything the professor says with no sense of priority or structure. They get lost in the thicket of details and can’t “zoom out” from there to see the big picture.

What I did was something very different.

The Study Sheets You Wish You'd Made Yourself, But Didn't Have The Time

See the images on top left for examples.

In these notes, you can see that the key concepts for each chapter have been categorized, organized, and compiled on a single sheet. You’ll notice that it’s as important what I included, as what I did not include.

You see, you may have 2 weeks to your final, 4 weeks, 6 weeks - whatever the time is, I can help you master organic chemistry, get the grade you deserve, and allow you to show your parents, your friends, and most of all, yourself - that you are here for a reason. It’s not an accident. And once you master this, this is the first step in a very successful career in your chosen future profession.

I know, because these have helped thousands of students.

"These guides are excellent. This is very much what I'm looking for. Thank you!"

- Jason M, USC

"Having the summary sheets has helped me focus on specific areas that I have had difficulty differentiating apart. Example, functional groups. I now have the functional groups laid out before me, without cluttering the page and drifting my focus to something else. The sheets are concise, a foundation put into perspective. Laid out accordingly, without any misconception of what is represented from a semester overview of Organic Chemistry 1. I especially appreciate the color coding, representing the reaction that is taking place within the molecules."

- Sarah L, Defiance College

"I just bought your summary guide for o-chem 1, and let me tell you, it is by far the best comprehensive guide I've seen! Everything is perfectly written out and easily explained."

- Vineeth M.

"My organic chemistry final is in 13 days and due to misfortune I am very far behind and I was attempting to make something like this on my own but thanks to you I don't have to!!! THANK YOU for making these! Totally worth the money. They look AMAZING and everything we covered in class is there!!!"

- Kristy F.

Thousands Of Hours Of Research Went Into Building These Sheets

The system behind building these sheets - the master organic chemistry system - comes from a very unique approach. I spent thousands of hours with hundreds of students to find out what key concepts, problems, and reactions show up on exams the most, and systematically built these notes based on that research. In each sheet, the key details for each chapter are highlighted in highly detailed, clearly drawn notes. I organized them such that there are sheets containing not only the key details you need to learn for each chapter, but also sheets that help you to see the big picture of organic chemistry.

What's Included In Org 1 Sheets

In my exclusive organic chemistry notes, I include summaries on each of these topics:

Substitution and Elimination
Acids and Bases
Reactions of Alkenes
Reactions of Alkynes
Conformations & Newman Projections
- and 11 more: Hybridization, Formal Charge, Alkane Nomenclature, Radicals, Functional Groups (2), Alkene Reaction Patterns, Org 1 Reaction Patterns, Structure and Bonding, and a flowchart for SN1/SN2/E1/E2 reactions.

This isn’t just an idea I had one day. This is based on thousands of hours of 1-on-1 tutoring with hundreds of students all over the world.

These Sheets Help Students Study Smart - And Succeed In Organic Chemistry

"Before I bought the summary sheets, I was a little worried they wouldn't be thorough enough. But after using them to prepare for my third exam, my grade jumped from a 76 on the previous exam to 103! Thanks!"

-Lakshmi G., Agnes Scott College

"The summary sheets simplified and organized all the craziness that is organic chemistry. They helped me get a 98 on my last exam."

- student, LSU

"All your resources were invaluable! I used them this summer to take the whole year of organic chemistry in 9 weeks and to study for the DAT simultaneously. I earned two A's and a B and scored 23 on the DAT ochem section. I would've been overwhelmed without the summary sheets and the reagent guide; I used those the most."

- Kyle L., UCLA

You see, it’s one thing to sit in class. Anyone can show up to class. It’s another thing to study hard. And a lot of o-chem students do study hard. But that’s not enough. This is not easy. To master this material, you have to study smart. And that means not just memorizing it - because at a certain point, who can memorize all the answers to the complicated potential questions you’ll get in a course like this? You can’t. It’s important to overlay a structure, to know which are important and how to think about it.

This isn’t just more material for you to study. This will augment and support what you are already learning.

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