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Membership gives you 170+ reactions in the Reaction Guide, 1500+ Quizzes, and downloadable flashcards. 


The Reaction Guide is an online guide to over 170 of the most important reactions in introductory organic chemistry, 

available as an online monthly subscription.

Members get access to the online Reaction Guide, with profiles, examples, and mechanisms of reactions typically covered in introd...

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What's included

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Reaction Guide Included
With the Reaction Guide + Quizzes subscription, you get access to the Reaction Guide, an online encyclopedia of over 180 reactions covered in Org 1 and Org 2
Over 180 Reactions Covered
Over 180 reactions covered in the Reaction Guide, including the Williamson Ether synthesis, SN2, Diels-Alder and many more. Includes plenty of examples, most with full mechanims.
200+ Downloadable Flashcards
Reaction Guide + Quizzes members also get access to downloadable flashcards, a full color printable PDF that can be cut out and pasted on index cards.
Over 1500 Quiz Questions
Over 1500 quiz questions on the complete range of organic chemistry 1 and 2 topics, from basics of structure and bonding, stereochemistry, SN1/SN2/E1/E2, alkenes and alkynes, aromaticity, carbohydrates and more.
Full Reaction Mechanisms
Full discussion of mechanisms for each reaction, and step-by-step arrows showing exactly what bonds form and break in what order.
Full Reaction Mechanisms
A walkthrough of the mechanism of each reaction is covered.
Over 25 individual topics covered in quizzes
The 1500 quizzes cover over 25 individual topics from Org 1 and Org 2.
Quizzes Flip
Quizzes provide quizzes and answers in a "click to flip" format.
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