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"Thank you for creating this site! I actually love organic chemistry and am doing well but I wanted a simplified study guide to help me memorize reactions. Organic chemistry books are so big and go into such in depth explanation that a lot of the important stuff gets lost in the verbiage. I think the biggest issue for me is identifying what reaction is occurring because I see the reactant and my mind goes blank. Your guides make it easier and less daunting. "

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"They help me see the big picture. Our textbook is not very clear and you have to figure a lot out on your own. Also, my professor spends a lot of time on the details of mechanisms so you lose sight of the overall goal. "

- V. H., The Ohio State University

" I received an A in organic chemistry 1, and the MOC Org 1 notes were extremely helpful. They are great because they essentially sum up whole chapters onto one page. Especially for substitution, elimination and addition reactions."

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- O.S., Penn State University

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" The OCHEM1 summary sheets recently helped me as I was studying for my second organic chemistry test as a reference tool for little (and big) things I'd forget like what makes a molecule meso and what goes into a successful SN2 reaction. The OCHEM 1 helped me on my last test on which I'm pretty sure I got nearly %100 on."

- N.W., Liberty University

" I was worried it wouldnt be thorough enough, but they helped me understand mechanisms and synthesis reaction directly and to the point. The guides dont have any unnecessary fluff its just what I need to know and the direct eplanation. They help me study for organic 2 better than any other resource. I havent finished my course yet but ive already moved from a C in organic 1 to an A in organic 2(currently). "

- A.N., Memorial University

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- R.C., Mississippi State University

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- J.M., Kennesaw State University

"It has been more helpful than I could have imagined! It lays out all of the need to knows in a format that is great for comparing reactions and understanding mechanisms but is brief enough that it is studyable (yes that is a made up word). Instead of reading through an entire textbook, I can learn all I need to from these outlines and I don't feel overwhelmed."

- A.F., St. Norbert College

" They were both short and sweet. They allowed me to see which reagent does what job. And the flow chart in the Orgo2 summary package was amazing. Also, the reaction table, where you look at your starting material and your reagent (grignard, alcohol, LiAlH4, etc) and figure out what product it produces was a life saver."

- H.M., University of Toronto Mississauga